The euro was posted in fall, Thursday at the end of the European exchanges, vis-a-vis a dollar protected by its will have value-refuge, while fears were reinforced on a world deceleration pulled by the United States.

The currencies of the emergent economies also made the expenses of the climate of concern.

Around 16:00 GMT (18H00 in Paris), the euro was exchanged to 1.3433 dollar, against 1.3495 Wednesdays around 21:00 GMT.

The European single currency moved back vis-a-vis the Japanese currency, with 134.84 yens, against 134.91 the day before.

The dollar gained ground vis-a-vis the yen, with 100.44 yens for a dollar against 99.99 yens Wednesday evening.

The euro maintained its fall, vis-a-vis a resistant dollar in spite of the publication of figures showing a moderation of American inflation in September, and thus the possibility of a new fall of rates of the Federal fund, and those passably depressing of the industrial production which recorded in September its retreat the most marked since December 1974.

During the Asian exchanges, the euro had fallen vis-a-vis the dollar to 1.3346 dollar, not far from its low since March 2007, had reached last Friday.

After two meetings of euphoria, the world Stock Exchanges took again their tumble Wednesday and evolved in teeth of saw, always tetanized Thursday by the prospects for economic recession while the European Union was declared determined to stimulate the growth and employment but without generalized revival program.

In the United States, the American officials multiplied the warnings Wednesday: lower consumption, real crisis which “did not touch the bottom” and recovery which “is not for tomorrow”.

A person in charge of the EDF had even released the word as of Tuesday: the United States seems to be already entered in “recession”.

Collateral victims of the reserve of the investors to take risks, the “emergent currencies”, objects of speculation because of their strong output, see themselves from now on forsaken.

“The emerging markets remain exposed with the lack of visibility on the financial sector and with the effects of the rescue plans” the analysts of BNP Paribas summarized.

The Hungarian forint has still taken down Thursday, falling to the new ones low for more than two years vis-a-vis the euro and to the dollar.

The book Turkish joined again with levels more seen since October 2006, crossing the threshold of 1.50 book for a dollar.

The Mexican peso and the South-African Rand were maintained on their levels moreover low reached these last days vis-a-vis the dollar, and close to historical records to the fall vis-a-vis the euro.

The British currency was in rise vis-a-vis the European currency, to 77.88 pence for one euro, in fall vis-a-vis the dollar with 1.7239 dollar for a book.

The Swiss currency returned vis-a-vis the euro to 1.5209 Swiss franc for one euro, and dropped vis-a-vis the dollar with 1.1333 Swiss franc for a dollar.

The ounce of gold was worth 802.50 dollars with the fixing of the evening against 847 dollars the day before at the evening.

The Chinese yuan enclosed with 6.8298 yuans for a dollar against 6.8318 yuans the day before.


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