The American Central bank maintains its rates close to zero, but wants to be more optimistic on the economy.

As expected by the markets, the central bank américiane decided to maintain its rates directing close to zero, at the end of a two days meeting. The EDF returned a report of monetary policy more optimistic than usually, estimating that the American economic activity “was rectified”, but will remain still “weak”. Already last week, Ben Bernanke, his president, declared that the recession was probably finished.

After four consecutive quarters of contraction of the GDP, the Federal fund confirms to see a return to the growth with the third quarters. And the figures are there to support this analysis. For this summer, the industrial production, the retail sales and of housing have set out again with the rise and the markets actions find little by little the favor of the investors.

But the EDF wants to be more reserved on consumption and the employment picture. Since the beginning of the recession in December 2007, seven million American has lost their employment, carrying unemployment rate with 9.7% in August, a level more seen for 26 years. And the tendency should still continue several months.

Reason moreover for the American central bank to maintain its monetary policy accommodating and to give a nudge in the right direction to the incipient recovery, whereas the unemployment and the mitigated confidence of the consumers always encourage the Americans to reduce their expenditure to credit, engine of the growth in the United States. Moreover, the EDF will preserve until March 2010 its programme of repurchase of mortgage deeds, intended to lower the cost of the real loans.


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