Whatever school of analysis which we belong, most of us are just a few problems with the claim that the effect of prices that all matters relating to trade futures, because the only determinant of the profits or losses of money. We have a very sensible, well thought out justification for forex analysis and our strategy, but if we can not confirm the price action is the sad reality that it is useless.
The technical analysis takes this concept one step further and say that everything is on trade, energy, the same price. In other words, holidays, events, new concessions, statistics and data, as well as economic and political developments into account and focus on the same price. This attitude is justified by the belief that the price action through the media and created a profit hungry traders following reflects all information available to the public at all times, and it is useless to seek the advantage over the market, trying to include all data currently hold. Not only can not be said technical analysts, but also unnecessary, since the prices already incorporate all available information by itself to the interpretation of the best minds and most powerful of the market. Technical analysts are warning us to study the markets, and ignoring everything else, and thus obtain a strong emphasis on the only evidence that matters of value.
Critics addressing technical analysis, while the price does not represent the total amount of bull and bear market does not reflect a consensus, and as such can not be used as the representative views of all stakeholders account. In other words, there is no such thing as a contract. Moreover, they add, even if short term, the price is hard to predict economic events in the long term are clear trends that can easily be achieved through fundamental analysis. Technical analysts defend their school, asking that fundamental analysis is difficult, if not more reliable than mechanical, and more time to complete.
Technical analysis tools applicable to all actions of the price displayed on maps. The indicators used for the production of market behavior or assess all costs to sell and the price structure for the interpretation of the underlying dynamics have been identified. Technical analysis does not claim to be free to create bugs, specific answers to questions in the minds of traders, but intends to identify the scenarios where the potential is a profitable business the longest. Technical bodies have adapted to a culture and used to deal with probabilities, and should be ready for the losses, taking into account necessary.
Let us stop this short study notes that the care in the chaotic environment of the market Forex, methods of money management and emotional control are equally important, if not more important than any kind of strategy and analysis. Learn Forex, we must maintain our capital. And the money management is what we learn to maintain it. With patience and dedication, it is difficult to achieve in Forex, but it does maintain a sense of the dream to swim in pools of gold and silver.


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