Measurements in favor of Greece, which fights to restore its public finances, “are not excluded” but would come from public financial institutions and not of the States members, indicated Saturday to Davos a European government source.

Excluding a rescue from great scale of Greece, of which the public deficit exploded, this government source specified in AFP that institutions like the Funds international currency (FMI) or the European Investment Bank could provide this help.

That would be however considered only provided that Greece “makes its duties” as regards reduction of the budget deficit, specified the source in margin of World economic forum (WEF) of Davos.

Greek the Prime Minister Georges Papandréou and his Minister for Finance Georges Papaconstantinou, present in the Swiss ski station, had ensured Friday that their country would arrive by his own means to reduce its budget deficit, contradicting an financial aid of the countries of the euro zone.

Greece has passed through the worst crisis of its public finances for thirty years, with the explosion of its debt envisaged at 113% of the GDP for 2009 and the revision of its public deficit with 12.7% of the GDP.

The assumption of such a help was discussed these last days but was highly contradicted officially, while Greece was kicked up a rumpus hard on the bond market.

The minister Frenchwoman of the Economy Christine Lagarde expressed his “confidence” in the capacity of the Greek government to rectify his finances. It ensured that the members of the euro zone were “all interdependent the ones with regard to the others”, but that “there is no system of rescue”.

The managing director of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn repeated that its institution was “ready to intervene” but estimated that “that will not be obligatorily necessary”.

Press informations gave a report on preparations on Germany and France, support measures for Greece within the European Union in particular. Information was officially contradicted in Paris and Berlin.


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