Since the devastating seism of January 12th, population of Haiti east thrown in the streets, without roof, awaiting with rage the international assistance which delays. Whereas the black-market makes new great strides and that the gangs seize the devastated streets, the population is in search of its economies. The savings of the Haitians are often under tons of engraved, their devastated house or the banking institutions which, following the example of presidential palace, did not resist the jolt.

For a few days, the financial system has started to be raised painfully even if dollars and gourds, i.e. the national currency, are always rationed. Contrary to the trade banks and their head offices located at Port-au-Prince, the central bank, a large made modern building of glass, is still upright. For a few days, the establishment has started to pump money towards the few still opened banks or about to opening.

Since the beginning of last week, the population which is always in search of liquidities can go in about thirty points of service located in all the Haitian capital. Many are those to come there to deposit the check of their employment in order to recover a little cash. However, of the restrictions were imposed by the authorities since the customers can withdraw only a few tens of dollars at the same time. The objective of the authorities is to avoid a rush towards the banks whereas a medical crisis dozes.

Gradually, the financial system should however find a pretense of normality, the provincial banks, which were not touched by the seism, restocking since a few days the banks of the capital still upright.


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