Fiction Commission-free forex trading

Fact – In fact brokers charge heavy mark–ups in forex trading

Fiction Execution is instant

Fact – In forex trading the market in fact is predictable by proving instant fills. Unpredictable market can shift from 50 points or greater before you get a fill.

Fact – In forex trading profitable traders in fact are put on guide performance; a dealer have to agree on every trade done.

Fiction – Fills are assured on stop loss orders.

Fact – In forex trading, when its officially stated regarding important economic indicators, in fact only few market makers admit the stop loss entry orders.

Fact – As a matter of fact stop loss orders are regularly filled before they mature

Fiction – Hedging skills let the customer to choose in case to close a trade or offset to make up for trade risk reduction.

Fact – In fact many brokers promote hedge as a trade benefit, in case you close a trade or for make up, the P&L will remain the same.

Fiction – Replicated effects can be displayed as in real time.

Fact – An amazing profit making forex trading system can easily be established within few minutes by using available back testing computer programs.

Fact – As a matter of fact these forex trading have almost zero probability of improving the results that are produced with the advantage of hindsight.

Fiction – FOREX markets are the best for forex trading because trends persist and are sustained.

Fiction – FOREX markets are excellent for forex trading as trends endure and continue.

Fact – Those who rely on technical analysis in fact can’t continue for more than 3 months

Fiction – Using demo account to learn trade

Fact – putting real money at risk completely changes the perception of most of the traders market, the outcome attained by using play money has no importance compared to what is attained with real money.

Fiction – Take advantage of the power of leverage

Fact – As a matter of fact leverage is all about winning or losing quickly

Fiction – Narrow spreads and fair prices

Fact – Manipulation is the order of the day, the rates obtained from the Banks are applied to their own benefit.

Fiction – Superior liquidity in the currency market

Fact – In forex trading when markets are volatile liquidity dries up, resulting in price spikes.

Fact – In fact when markets are unstable liquidity dries up, resulting in price spikes.

Fiction – In Forex Trading free training is offered to Brokers

Fact – In Forex trading, many results are not facts because of fundamental weakness of paying the spread on each forex trading, after having your limit order is outlawed on NASDAQ, and carrying out your stops hastily.


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Sophia Pole said... @ April 29, 2017 at 8:40 AM

Saar Pilosof
I agree there are many fiction involves with Forex trading. Nicely explain facts and fiction. Thanks for sharing

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