How Do Traders Trade Forex?

The requisites for Forex trading or currency trading are the market analysis such as forecasting the future. To better analyze forex trading or currency trading, need to focus on two prominent schools of thought.

1. Fundamental Analysis:

Fundamental analysis mainly emphasize on economic, social and geopolitical, these are the forces that are responsible for supply and demand. Fundamental analysis examines the indicators regarding macroeconomic, like economic growth rates, interest rates, inflation and unemployment. Forex market have an impact on all those countries

2. Technical Analysis:

Technical analysis is the emphasis on study of price movements. Historically currency statistics is used to forecast the future prices. Technical analysis states that all the present market information is shown through price of that currency therefore, price analysis is all that is needed to do well informed trading The tools regarding technical analysis are charts. To find profit opportunities charts are the most suitable form of analysis. Technical analysis concept is that the markets have a tendency to trend. Technical analysis identifies those trends in the early part of development. Forex or currency trading moves in three directions that are upward, downward or sideways When currency pair of a specific market is upward or downward, it is a trending market and money can be made both ways. On the other hand in case of side ways market it is called range bound market. Technically speaking in order to penetrate into trending market, an average based technical indicators can be used with the help of charts to pin point trending market. Market oscillators, indicators are used for sideways. Lines or symbols on the chart drawn mathematically that indicate perfect timings to enter a trade are called indicators. Historical data is used for that purpose.

Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis?

Technical analysis does not require hours of hard work and study and most of the traders abide. by technical analysis. Technical analysts follows many currencies at the same time. Fundamental analysts, on the other hand inclined towards specialization due to huge amount of date in the market. Currency market develop strong trends and technical analysis works very well there. Mastered technical analysis once makes it easy for future application of currency trading. However it is wise to use both.

Brokers or Market Makers:

First open a bank account with Broker/market maker as informed earlier that a broker provides the basic structure to trade. Even if brokerage firms are everywhere across the world. One has to select according to the size of its spread (difference between buy. Sell price) Implementing quality trade, anti-slippage assurance, efficient handling during unpredictable periods, commission and other charges, profits returns home due to wire transfer and least requirements for account size

Account Types:

There are two types of accounts offered by the forex brokers, that are mini and regular account. Mini account varies from US $300 to US$ 500 to a maximum of US $ 2,000 and the minimum size of regular account typically is US$ 2,000 without any upper limit. The size of account is not as important as the minimum lot size, in mini account typically a lot size can not be lower than US $10,000 and US$ 100,000 per lot for a regular account. The trader can take full advantage of the leverage of 1,100 by committing only US$ 100 for mini account and US$ 10,000 for a regular account.

Currency Pairs:

In forex trading or currency trading, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, are most profoundly traded pair. Each coupled with base currency and quoted currency. First pair indicates a base currency (or transaction currency) and the second one a quoted currency. (or payment currency, counter currency) For example USD/EUR means number of Euros that can be purchased in 1. Dollar, the pair will increase in its value if USD tends to strengthen or EURO starts to weaken.


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