If you are keen of trading Forex, it is crucial for you to know some important things before you execute your invest activities in online trading in the paper trade.To understand the Forex is all about understanding the importance of exchange rates. In finance, the term Forex rate refers to the disparities between two specific currencies in terms of worth. In other words, you will need to understand how one currency is worth with respect to another currency. I will give you an example. An exchange rate of 1 Singapore Dollar to the United States Dollar, would be, at current check, at a value of 0.67. This means that 1 Singapore dollar is worth about 60 American cents. In the Forex market, there are many types of rates that decide the worth of currencies when compared to another.

This is the main drive of the Forex market. This is also how investors make their money, in the hope that when currencies rise and fall due to a multitude of global and economic, and political conditions; they can predict these movements, invest in the right currency and make some money. The increase in currency value can be measured in percentage in points (pips), which can be both positive or negative value.

The more positive pips an investor makes, the more money he will accumulate. In terms of the rate though, there are several other things you as an investor should know about. This is especially pertinent if you are a novice or a beginner, or have been investing in other forms of commodity markets and have no idea about the mechanisms of the Forex market.In the Forex rate, there is a thing called current exchange rate which is also the spot exchange rate.This is the rate that is reflected by banks and tellers (region specific).

Then there is also the forward exchange rate where the exchange rate is quoted and traded on the same day, but paid for and delivered only in the future upon agreement between 2 investors. An exchange rate citation is prearranged by positioning the amount of units of “term legal tender” (or “price legal tender” or “quote legal tender”) that can be purchased in terms of 1 unit legal tender (namely, the base legal tender). An example would be a quotation that cites the EURUSD exchange rate being 1.3210 (1.3210 USD per EUR). The term currency would be USD and the base currency would be EUR.

Do remember to find out more about real and nominal FX rates and how these can effect the domestic currency. There is quite a lot to know about the Forex rate when you think about it and you really need to educate yourself on how it works before you decide to invest in the paper market.


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